St Luke’s First Annual Art Feast Weekend Event

Artfeast Article

Some events are such an extraordinary success one wonders why they only came about this year. St Luke’s first annual Art Feast is definitely one of them, producing record attendance numbers, incredible atmosphere and a phenomenal number of artwork sales.

St Luke’s Art Feast was inaugurated in style with a Gala Cocktail Evening that saw more than 200 guests attend. The energy and enthusiasm of the Art Feast did not wane throughout the weekend when more than 100 people passed through the exhibition. Many had purchased an impressive number of artwork.

Exhibiting Brisbane artist Dr Libby Woodhams attended the Gala Cocktail Evening and said that from the moment she had arrived from Brisbane, the atmosphere at the school was palpable, supportive and warm. Several artists have already signed up for next year’s event.

20 percent of all art sales proceeds were donated to the Queensland Breast and Prostate Cancer Support Group.