A Few Words from Jack Neubecker

Jack Neubecker

As you approached your final two years at St Luke’s, what was the plan?

"In grade 10 I didn't have a vision of what I wanted to do when I left school. I had a passion for science and mathematics, and vague ideas of a few occupations that I found interesting. I took subjects that I was interested in; Math B and C, Physics, Chemistry, as well as German and Extension English. I was fortunate to attend the National Youth Science Forum and the London International Youth Science Forum during my senior years. It was at these events that I learnt what career options I had as a scientist or mathematician and decided that I wanted to continue studying science and math at University."

What was your OP score, and what university offers did you receive?

"I received an OP 1, and also my first preference is a dual degree Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Queensland."

Many students tweak their degree direction once they’re in University. Have you done any fine tuning?

"Yes, I have. I initially began my Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Mathematics dual degree majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. I changed out of the dual degree to do a Bachelor of Mathematics because I want to focus more on that and complete my bachelor a year sooner, and begin honours."

4. How’s University life?

"My university experience so far is wonderful. The lectures are stimulating and inspire my own mathematical research and investigation. The learning structure is very different to school and I have enjoyed the change in style, as it is more individual and allows more freedom."

5. What was your St Luke’s experience like?

"What was most special to me about St. Luke's was the care teachers had for every student's education. Teachers at St Luke's were always willing and made for a more personal education, especially in senior school. The teachers whom I thought most exemplified this was Mrs Goodchap, who ran a very entertaining and educational class in Extension English, Mr O'Sullivan for his interesting and stimulating maths classes, and Mr Whitelum and Mr Collyer for the support they gave me when I applied for both NYSF and LIYSF, as well as continuous support throughout school for my extracurricular science endeavours."