9 year old Joshua Taylor: Budding Journalist. Life Enthusiast

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Joshua Taylor already knows how to scope out a good story and show it to the world. For almost 2 years he has filed a report that is published in the monthly Bargara Buzz’s pages. Joshua says that report writing and interviewing people – learning about amazing things and what other people have done – is a lot of fun.

“For example, I got to interview Council representative Greg Barnes and I was allowed to go into his office at the Council Chambers,” he said.

A favourite story that Joshua has written for Bargara Buzz was his very first one about the Bargara Junior Golf Club. “I loved writing this story because I love playing golf and I got to write about all the great things we do during the year,” he said.

“I also had lots of fun interviewing (St. Luke’s grade 5 teacher) Mr Sinclair who’s helped me a lot with writing for Bargara Buzz. He then interviewed me and we both wrote a story about each other.”

“Mr Farthing has also encouraged me a lot. He used to put my article on his classroom notice board which made me feel really proud of my work.”

If you think that a career in journalism is certain, Joshua isn’t so sure.

“I actually want to be a train driver,” he said. “Maybe I can write about my trips.”

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