Student Services

Research proves that the cognitive development of students is inextricably linked with their emotional and physical well-being, and schools that concentrate only on academia can never hope to fully maximise the potential of their students, whose lives revolve around school, work, family and personal issues.

Student Services at St Luke's includes those areas of school outside the academic curriculum including Student Protection, Pastoral Care, Behaviour Management, Student Leadership, Middle and Senior School Assemblies, Bus Transport, Student Counselling and Student Welfare, High Performance Programs and many other student programs and issues as they arise in our changing world.

St Luke’s Pastoral Care program is clear evidence of how seriously we take our responsibility to educate every unique student. Our guidance and support places emphasis on learning experiences which develop skills necessary to live productively in our complex society. St Luke’s students are offered countless opportunities to practice decision-making, problems solving, develop positive thought patterns, build sound interpersonal relationships, and work cooperatively and interdependently with others.

The St Luke’s school motto, Faith, Performance and Honour, are words that we work hard bringing to life within every student and as our school identity.

Students should aspire to:

  • Serve God
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Be tolerant
  • Be socially responsible
  • Set your goals
  • Be organized
  • Become involved
  • Show commitment
  • Do your best
  • Show pride in your presentation
  • Have pride in your work
  • Be proud of your school