Pastoral Care

The safety and wellbeing of our students at St Luke’s is our primary concern. St Luke’s teachers and staff work actively to foster the intellectual, moral and spiritual well being of students within the school. We aim to strengthen our student’s personal commitment toward their faith, develop a strong sense of self-worth, exercise freedom responsibly, and encourage our students to become people of conscience within the community.

Our teachers are well supported in providing Pastoral Care by Fr Iain Furby, our Chaplain, who connects regularly with students, staff and parents with a hope to discuss any issues or challenges they may be facing. At St Luke’s we seek to develop our students' spirituality, self-respect and respect for others through weekly lessons of Ethics and Faith and school worship services.

Meet our Chaplain, Fr Iain Furby:

Ethics & Faith

Ethics and Faith at St Luke’s Anglican School is, in many ways, the equivalent subject to Religious Education that is offered through volunteers in the State school system and a cornerstone of our school ethos, where students are given the opportunity to develop their spiritual potential. From Preparatory onwards, each student participates in our Ethics and Faith classes, discovering who Jesus is and how he can become a part of our lives. Our students cover a wide variety of topics to build a picture of the life and times of Jesus, examining the Christian Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus. Students will explore the mystery of the created world and the wondrous nature of God, reflecting on how he chose to become one of us as well as studying the Pentecost event. Finally our senior students tackle subjects such as: who is Jesus? Why did he die? Why should I read the Bible? What is the Holy Spirit and how does he operate? Through these teachings we hope to develop students with Christian values, integrity, compassion, and faith.


Our Worship life at St Luke's Anglican School revolves around a number of different types of Services. During these Services the students and staff play an integral role by leading the singing and dancing, reading the lesson from the Bible and leading the community in prayer. Every fortnight during Term Time Weekend worship is held in St Luke's Chapel. This is a short Eucharistic service at which some students provide the music. A Whole School Eucharist is also held at the end of every term as well as on Luke's Day. All students, staff and families are most welcome to attend any of these services.

School Prayers

Our School Prayer is the glue which holds us all together and focusses all that happens at St Luke’s in one common goal, becoming the theme which underpins everything we do at our School. We ask him to direct the work of St Luke’s School so that all good learning may flourish and abound, that His spirit of adventure and wisdom might inspire all who teach and learn so that they may gain greater understanding of God’s purposes for all people. We request of God his encouragement of all of those who work to support the school community to come to a greater knowledge of God’s love and truth. Our school is proudly named after St. Luke, the apostle who wrote one of the major portions of the New Testament, and as such we celebrate St. Luke’s Day on the 18 October of each year. In honor of our namesake a special whole School service is held to recognize St. Luke’s life and writings.