Early Learning Centre

Phone: 4132 7539


Primary, Middle and Senior School

All absences should be reported to the School via the absentee line (07) 4132 7550 or email:


    If you are unsure about who to speak with about a matter, contact (07) 4132 7525 for Primary Reception, or (07) 4132 7555 for the Front Office.

    At 9.30am or soon after each day, when a student is identified as absent without prior notification, our system will SMS parents who are then able to respond with a reason. (Please note, SMSs from St Luke’s Anglican School will be sent from a virtual number which is unable to receive phone calls.)

    This enables us to communicate to all parents simultaneously, avoids unnecessary phone calls, and enables our records to be updated in a timely manner.

    If a student is absent for three consecutive days without parent acknowledgement a School officer will follow up with a phone call home.